The VersaSpa

We post about it, you may have seen our Tiktoks (if you havent, you should go give us a follow BronzedBelles, we’re pretty funny) but you still arent sure what a VersaSpa tan is and why you should try it. We hear ya and we’re here to help.

Our VersaSpa combines the science of skincare with advanced tanning technology to produce a beautiful, natural tan. Simply put it is a large spray tan booth you stand in, offering complete privacy meaning no technician is in the room with you during your tan. The automated system will walk you through your session with simple to follow voice commands to ensure you have a flawless sunless tan.

Heres the low down on the VersaSpa benefits:

Complete Privacy. No one is present during your session
Heated system ensures warmth and comfort during your tan
Rapid and Traditonal Rinse solution options with a wide range of colors

No Odor. Formulated with Odo-Ban technology the VersaSpa offers a smell free tan
Quick! You are in and out of your session in under 10 minutes

Budget Friendly. Our VersaSpa gives our clients a more budget friendly tanning option

Now you know all the nitty gritty about our baddie the VersaSpa. You can book your appointment for a session right here on our website!

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